The paisley, floral, and geometric designs of Persian rugs have always served as inspiration in the textiles industry.  Elements of rug design can be seen everywhere.

And now, not just elements, but entire rugs themselves can be seen in non-rug-textiles.  I was surprised to see a Heriz patterned comforter, smack dab on the cover of the most recent Linen Source catalog.  It if were on a floor instead of a bed, I would have thought it was a rug.  A similar rug patterned comforter is also made by Ralph Lauren.  This pattern, dubbed the “Poet’s Society Rug Comforter”, looks very much like a Kashan style rug.  They’re all great!

So now, in addition to having rugs on your floor or hanging on your wall, you can have faux rugs on your bedding (and also on your clothes, but that is another blog post).  Great news for the textile enthusiast!

Rug Comforter

Here is a lovely Ralph Lauren comforter with a design inspired by Persian rugs. source: