Antiqued Style Rug


Style: Antiqued Style Rug
Country of Origin: India
Condition: Excellent
Size: 8’1″ x 10′
Content: 00% Wool Pile hand-knotted onto a foundation of cotton
Age: New
Suggested Retail Price: $3650

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This is a very unique Antiqued style rug gives a slight nod to the traditional floral and curvilinear motifs of yore. This rug looks very much like what an antique rug might look like today after a hundred years of wear, use and exposure. The rug shows no wear physically, but rather, the pattern has been altered in some places to make it look worn.

The coloring of this contemporary rug is worth discussing because it is very hard to capture in a picture. The rug is a pretty, variegated light grey. The detailing is a variegated slate blue. The detailing of the piece is raised slightly from the pile of the rug, giving the rug a rich texture. The rug is different colors from different angles, but has an overall feeling of coolness. If you are considering this piece and would like to mail me some swatches to photograph with this rug, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help!

This beautiful rug is straddling that line between contemporary and transitional, and it could work in either type of space. It is also that perfect rug that could marry together contemporary and traditional pieces in an eclectic room. For examples of rugs in Living Rooms click here.

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