About Us

For over 40 years we’ve proudly served customers for all their rug needs.

We’re so glad you’re here! Thank you for taking the time to read up about our shop, as we believe that an educated consumer is our best customer. We realize that in the rug realm, you have many choices, both locally and online. What sets us apart from other stores is the specialized expertise of our staff, the personalized attention we provide to you and the fair and competitive pricing we offer for both our services and our rugs. 

It is our great pleasure to host and entertain novice rug collectors as well as seasoned textile enthusiasts as they go through the buying or rug maintenance process. We thank you for considering our shop, and we hope to see you soon!

Our Store

You’ll find our large, 5,000 square foot showroom in a big blue building in Kensington, Maryland’s West Howard Antiques District. We’re just a few miles north of Washington, DC, off of Connecticut Avenue. Our shop is a big open warehouse-style showroom with rugs hanging and stacked from floor to ceiling. We have approximately 3,000 one-of-a-kind rugs in stock, and you can read more about exactly what we carry here (link to shop in-store “rug carried” page).

When you come in to shop with us or call us on the phone, store proprietors Mahmoud or Katie will be happy to work with you personally. There is no need for an appointment, but you are welcome to call in advance should you want us to pull rugs for you to see that will match your specifications. Please know that weekends are busier than weekdays, but you are welcome anytime.

Our neighborhood is an interesting industrial area, where you’ll find car body shops and the State Highway Administration’s salt storage dome juxtaposed with mom and pop furniture stores. The Town of Kensington is home to a Farmer’s Market, delightful non-chain restaurants and the DC area’s largest antiquing district. If you’re from out of town, plan your visit by checking out all Kensington has to offer.

Our Team


Mahmoud is Jahann’s son, and has spent his entire life in the rug business. He was born in Tehran, Iran, to a long line of rug weavers and dealers. He spent his childhood working for the family business delivering wool and materials to weavers. In 1969, he came to the United States and settled in Maryland where he attended Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School, Montgomery College and University of Maryland, all while selling his mother’s rugs freelance. In the late 1970s, Mahmoud was finally able to open up his own shop…with just one rug in inventory. Countless years later, the shop and inventory have grown dramatically. He can now boast having several thousand rugs and a showroom large enough to house them. 

Mahmoud is a rug appraiser and member of the New England Appraisers Association. He lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, with his wife and his wife’s cats. He enjoys grilling kabob and spending time with his three grown children and four grandchildren.  


Katie is Jahann’s granddaughter, and like her father, she was born to a long line of rug dealers. Katie is a local through and through, having graduated from Wootton High School, and then gone on to get a bachelor’s in business from Georgetown University. She joined the family business in 2004 and has since been learning about rugs and design while trying to modernize Jahann and Sons to better serve the needs of our customers. 

Katie brings to the table a real gift for rug selection and furniture placement. Going off of just pictures, measurements and swatches, she can find exactly what you need for your home. She has done coursework in drafting and design, and is able to work off of architectural plans or in tandem with an interior designer if necessary. 

Katie lives in Montgomery County, Maryland with her husband and two young kids. She has an affinity for karaoke, and really really misses her sleep.

Our Namesake, Jahann

Jahann was born in the little town of Kashan, Iran in 1922. She was born into a rug weaving family and married into a rug selling family. She was a master weaver and prolific painter who both wove rugs and also painted the rug designs that would eventually become rugs. Jahann ran the manufacturing side of the family business, producing some of the most beautiful Kashan carpets, while her husband and sons sold her works. Jahann made a great name for herself in an industry dominated by men, all while running a household, raising five children and managing to feed lavish, home-cooked meals to everyone who graced her doorstep. She passed away in 2001, but leaves behind a colorful and delicious legacy.

Our Story

The story of Jahann and Sons Persian Rugs is one of tradition, quality and art. A family-owned and operated business, Jahann and Sons began in the small town of Kashan, Iran, five generations ago. In its first fifty years, its primary focus was the weaving and manufacturing of handmade Oriental rugs.

When the business was handed down to Jahann, granddaughter of the founder, its retail side began to flourish. In the late 1960s, Jahann’s sons immigrated to the United States, bringing with them their appreciation for the art of rug weaving and their mother’s business. In 1978, the family business under its new name, Jahann and Sons, opened its doors in the Washington Metropolitan area.

For over forty years, Jahann and Sons has served customers for all of their rug needs – Oriental rug cleaning, repairing, appraisals and restoration. They also have one of the most unique and discriminating inventories available, carrying handmade carpets in all sizes from all corners of the globe.

Jahann and Sons takes pride in its history and its service to its customers. It has specialized in bringing beautiful rugs and beautiful homes together for five generations. 

Questions? Call us at 301-530-6660 to speak with one of our specialists.