Find out how much your rug is worth.
How often have you wondered, “How much is my Oriental rug worth?” This is a question that the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Jahann and Sons Persian rugs are more than equipped to handle. An educated consumer is our very best customer, and it is for this reason that we are happy to help you learn not only about rugs in general, but also about the rugs you already own, even if you didn’t originally purchase them from us. The best way to find out about your rug is through a rug appraisal. We offer this service to our customers in many different ways and at different price points, so your needs are sure to be met. All carpet appraisals are done on our premises by Mahmoud Mahjoubi, rug expert and member of the New England Appraiser’s Association. For those with very large rugs, arrangements can be made for an in-home appraisal.  

Free Rug Appraisal

For the curious textile enthusiast, we are happy to tell you all about your rug and what it is worth. These appraisals are informal and done either verbally in our shop, or are done via email using photos and information provided by you. A free rug appraisal is a great jumping-off point if you are interested in finding out if you are in possession of valuable antiques or just old rugs. Understanding the value of a rug you already have will help you to care for it and insure it properly.

Written Rug Appraisal

Often times, a written appraisal is the appropriate course of action to document your rug’s value. Written documentation for your rugs may be required by your insurance company in order to obtain proper coverage, or it may be required by your accountant in order to process a tax write-off for a rug donation to charity. Whatever the reason, we are happy to provide you with a rug appraisal certificate for your records for a small fee. In-home appraisals can be arranged for customers who have large numbers of rugs or very large rugs. All appraisals are kept on file for several years in the event you need assistance down the road.   

Estate Evaluation

It is our hope that you are never in need of this service, but for those dealing with evaluating or dividing assets after death or divorce, we are able to help where your rugs are concerned. The estate evaluation process is similar to our written appraisal process, but in addition to appraised values for replacement purposes, we also provide you with your rug’s current market value for sale purposes. We may also provide you with guidance on how to sell oriental rugs either on your own or on consignment at our shop. In some cases, depending on the type of your rug and its condition, we may provide you with an offer to buy your rugs as well. It is our hope to make this process as easy for you as possible.

Insurance Claims

We have worked with every major insurance company, on both the claimant side and the adjuster side, on all types of rug claims. Whether it be water damage or theft, one rug or an entire store full of rugs, we are prepared to work with you and/or your attorneys to facilitate a swift, win-win resolution to any and all rug problems. Typically, we provide our clients with an assessment letter that includes the pre-incident value of the rug as well as the current value and the cost of any repairs necessary, provided that the rug is not a total loss. For rugs which cannot be repaired, we are able to aid in the search of a replacement rug if one is desired.

For extensive and complicated insurance cases, particularly those involving fraud or misrepresentation, we are available to provide advanced consultation services. These services include, but are not limited to, providing expert witness testimony, auditing appraisals of other rug experts and researching rug stores in Iran where original rug purchases may have been made. Our process is entirely fair and transparent.

No matter what kind of rug information you seek, we truly let our expertise and commitment to our customers shine through when conducting rug appraisals.    

More Rug Services

Jahann and Sons provides a wide variety of rug services including professional cleaning, repairing, appraising and designing.


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Create a one-of-a-kind rug to make a statement.

From Our Customers

I was super impressed with the service and quality of this rug cleaning service. I called them, they came in two days (they offered to come the next day), gave me an accurate estimate and were polite and careful. Then, when the rug was delivered (also promptly), they arrived and laid out the rug to my liking. The rug looked amazing–we had inherited a dull, not very pretty rug. What came back to us was bright and beautiful without one stain on it. In addition, there was no odor from the cleaning. They were so wonderful to deal with every step of the process. I will never use anyone else!!!

Ann P.

Bethesda, MD

They picked it up and delivered it according to my preference and did a wonderful job cleaning it!! It’s a very old rug so it looks so fresh and bright now!  Also, their pricing beats the competition hands down.

Andrea J.

Bethesda, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with Jahann and Sons! I got a same day pick up of my beautiful Afghan rug; the owner himself picked it up for cleaning! In less than a week it was returned to me in amazing shape and a stain that I was concerned about was almost completely removed! I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning services. I’m so happy with my rug; Thank you so much!

Maria K.

Arlington, VA

Jahann and Sons has great prices and even more fabulous customer service. The owner is an honest and thoughtful man. We were looking for Persian rugs with specific colors and specific geometric patterns (Kahzak). He combed through many many rugs with us, and ultimately sent to his factory not once but twice to have them send several rugs he thought we might like. The first set wasn’t to our liking so he sent for more. He was very patient with us and gave us a great deal for two rugs. They are beautiful hand, woven wool rugs – top quality.

Leslie M.

Kensington, MD

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