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We’ll help you maintain, repair, design, or appraise your rugs. 

Rug Cleaning

It is recommended that you have your Oriental rugs professionally cleaned every 5-7 years. In areas of high traffic, such as foyers and family rooms, you may want to consider having your rugs cleaned every 1-3 years. Jahann and Sons is happy to offer affordable cleaning services for all of your area rugs, including wool, cotton, and silk..



How often have you wondered, “How much is my Oriental rug worth?” This is a question that the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Jahann and Sons Persian rugs are more than equipped to handle. The best way to find out about your rug is through a rug appraisal. We offer this service to our customers in many different ways and at different price points, so your needs are sure to be met.


Rug Repairs

The life expectancy of a Persian rug’s edges is merely a fraction that of the life expectancy of the rug itself. Much like you’d replace the tires on your car, your rugs will at some point need to have the edges attended to in order to maintain your oriental carpet. On your typical rug, you have four sides, two of which will be fringed, and the other two which will be bound. (You can find out about fringe repair here. link to fringe page). The binding, or surging as it is sometimes called, consists of the fibers wrapped around the outermost weft threads of the rug. Persian rug binding helps to preserve the integrity of your rug and to prevent unraveling and wear.


Our Kensington, MD showroom is filled from floor to ceiling with area rugs from all over the world. Textile enthusiasts may feel like a kid in a candy store in our shop, but there are some who will find the sheer number of rugs in our inventory overwhelming. If you fall into the latter category of rug shoppers, our staff is more than happy to do the shopping for you!


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