Keep your rug looking brand new.

Jahann and Sons Persian Rugs has been offering rug cleaning services to customers in the Washington, DC, metro area for decades. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff have over 100 years of combined experience in oriental rug cleaning and repair. Let us help you care for and revitalize your everyday rugs or your heirloom carpets.  

Rugs should be professionally washed every 5-7 years. In areas of high traffic, such as foyers and family rooms, and for homes with pets, we recommend having area rug cleaning done every 1-3 years. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning your handmade rug is never recommended, as the heat and chemicals are too harsh. Jahann and Sons is happy to offer affordable area rug cleaning services for all your rugs, including but not limited to those made of wool, cotton, silk or synthetics.

Whatever your rug cleaning needs, we are ready, willing and able to meet them. Rugs can be dropped off for cleaning at any time during our store hours (link). We also offer a free pick-up and delivery service for rugs sized 8×10 or larger. 

Call 301-530-6660 to schedule a rug pick-up or speak with Mahmoud or Katie about your rug needs.

Standard Cleaning

Our standard rug cleaning is done the old-fashioned way, with soap, water, elbow grease and muscle.

  • Rugs are first vacuumed front and back multiple times to remove all dirt and debris (if we skip this step, we’ll make mud!).
  • Next, the rug is wet down with just enough cold, soapy water to penetrate the pile of the rug, but not enough water to have the rug sitting in a puddle. By doing this, we ensure all parts of the rug get clean, while also guaranteeing that the colors do not run.
  • Then, the rug is rinsed with water that is immediately extracted from the rug to aid in color stability.
  • Finally, rugs are laid flat to dry. After a few days, rugs are then hung to complete the drying process.

For standard cleaning, we use livestock shampoo to clean your rugs. This soap is safe enough to use directly on the skin of farm animals, so it is safe for our staff and for you too! Soft brushes are used on your rug to lather up the soap and brush away ground-in dirt and stains. When the weather is cooperating, we lay your rugs out in the sunshine to get them smelling extra fresh. This entire process takes approximately 7-10 days.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs are cleaned using the same process as above, except they are first treated with a color stabilizing solution. Without divulging our trade secrets, know that the solution we use is safe for you and your household. You probably ingest it regularly!

Soaking Rugs with Excessive Odor

For rugs with especially strong pet odors, we usually recommend a different cleaning process. This involves soaking your rugs overnight in a vat of cold water and shampoo in order to remove all pet urine residue from the rug’s pile. After the rug has been soaked, it is then shampooed again and dried. If it still smells, we repeat this process until the odor is gone. We have a very good track record with this method but trust that if we cannot remove the pet odors in your rug, then you will not be charged.

Stubborn Stain Removal

Sometimes, life happens, and our customers will have really tough stains that need to be removed. These difficult stains are generally your dye-based stains – red wine, coffee, tea, juice or pet urine. When brought to us in a timely fashion, our cleaning methods can remove these stains quite well. If the stain is old and stubborn, our dye removal methods can help to improve your rug tremendously.

More Rug Services

Jahann and Sons provides a wide variety of rug services including professional cleaning, repairing, appraising and designing.


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Create a one-of-a-kind rug to make a statement.

From Our Customers

I was super impressed with the service and quality of this rug cleaning service. I called them, they came in two days (they offered to come the next day), gave me an accurate estimate and were polite and careful. Then, when the rug was delivered (also promptly), they arrived and laid out the rug to my liking. The rug looked amazing–we had inherited a dull, not very pretty rug. What came back to us was bright and beautiful without one stain on it. In addition, there was no odor from the cleaning. They were so wonderful to deal with every step of the process. I will never use anyone else!!!

Ann P.

Bethesda, MD

They picked it up and delivered it according to my preference and did a wonderful job cleaning it!! It’s a very old rug so it looks so fresh and bright now!  Also, their pricing beats the competition hands down.

Andrea J.

Bethesda, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with Jahann and Sons! I got a same day pick up of my beautiful Afghan rug; the owner himself picked it up for cleaning! In less than a week it was returned to me in amazing shape and a stain that I was concerned about was almost completely removed! I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning services. I’m so happy with my rug; Thank you so much!

Maria K.

Arlington, VA

Jahann and Sons has great prices and even more fabulous customer service. The owner is an honest and thoughtful man. We were looking for Persian rugs with specific colors and specific geometric patterns (Kahzak). He combed through many many rugs with us, and ultimately sent to his factory not once but twice to have them send several rugs he thought we might like. The first set wasn’t to our liking so he sent for more. He was very patient with us and gave us a great deal for two rugs. They are beautiful hand, woven wool rugs – top quality.

Leslie M.

Kensington, MD

Questions? Call us at 301-530-6660 to speak with one of our specialists.