Fringe Repair

Make sure the foundation of your rug is strong.

Fringe Replacement

On a handmade rug, the fringe is an extension of the warp threads of the loom. It is basically the foundation on which the rug is made. At the place where the pile of the rug ends, warp threads are usually woven or knotted to prevent the rug from unraveling, and the resulting tassels are the fringe.

After years of everyday use and regular vacuuming, your oriental rug fringe can look tired and old, or it may be gone entirely! Whatever the status of your carpet tassels, we have a repair option to meet your needs that will both improve the look of your rug while also protecting your rug ends from unraveling.  

If the fringe on your rug can use a little TLC, please give us a call. There are many repair options to choose from, and as always, our rug experts are happy to provide you guidance in making the right repair decision based on your rug’s value and your own budget.  

Readymade Fringe

One of the most economical ways to replace your rug fringe is with a machine-made variety. Available in both a formal and casual style, as well as in varying shades of neutral, the machine-made fringe or readymade fringe that we carry is both decorative and functional. 

When using readymade fringe, at least one entire side (but preferably both) must be replaced at a time in order to make the repair both inconspicuous and durable. 

  • First, we will cut or remove the existing fringe. 
  • Next, we will ensure that the pile of the rug is secure and not prone to unraveling. 
  • Finally, we will sew the ready made fringe on the end of the rug. 

Repairs of this nature are priced per linear foot, and can be done relatively quickly, adding only 1-2 days to the overall turnaround time

Original Fringe

The gold standard for rug fringe repair is handmade fringe. 

To the untrained eye, and sometimes even to the trained eye, our handmade fringe is indistinguishable from the original fringe that was on your rug. It is for this reason that we call it “original fringe.” 

  • For this kind of repair, we will first make the individual fringe tassels with cotton, silk or artificial silk thread depending on the type of rug. 
  • Next, your old fringe will be removed in order to make room for the new fringe which will be sewn in by hand, tassel by tassel. This part of the process simultaneously secures your rug pile while inserting the new fringe into it. 
  • Finally, the new fringe is tied, trimmed and sometimes dyed to complete the look. 

In some cases, we can replace spots of original fringe here and there on a rug with small damage. For the most part, however, we recommend replacing an entire side of fringe at a time for the most inconspicuous and durable repair. 

Original fringe is priced per linear foot and can take up to several weeks for extremely large rugs (those 10×13 or larger).


When the fringe on your rug has worn away so much that the pile of your rug has begun to unravel, but you do not desire new fringe, overcasting may be right for you.

  • For this repair, first we unravel the rug to its lowest point so the end is even. 
  • Next, we secure the ends with thread using an overcast stitch that is only visible from the back of the rug. 
  • Finally, we trim up the remaining warp threads for a clean look mimicking a very short fringe.

If the fringe on your rug can use a little TLC, please give us a call. There are many repair options to choose from, and as always, our rug experts are happy to provide you guidance in making the right repair decision based on your rug’s value and your own budget. 

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From Our Customers

I was super impressed with the service and quality of this rug cleaning service. I called them, they came in two days (they offered to come the next day), gave me an accurate estimate and were polite and careful. Then, when the rug was delivered (also promptly), they arrived and laid out the rug to my liking. The rug looked amazing–we had inherited a dull, not very pretty rug. What came back to us was bright and beautiful without one stain on it. In addition, there was no odor from the cleaning. They were so wonderful to deal with every step of the process. I will never use anyone else!!!

Ann P.

Bethesda, MD

They picked it up and delivered it according to my preference and did a wonderful job cleaning it!! It’s a very old rug so it looks so fresh and bright now!  Also, their pricing beats the competition hands down.

Andrea J.

Bethesda, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with Jahann and Sons! I got a same day pick up of my beautiful Afghan rug; the owner himself picked it up for cleaning! In less than a week it was returned to me in amazing shape and a stain that I was concerned about was almost completely removed! I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning services. I’m so happy with my rug; Thank you so much!

Maria K.

Arlington, VA

Jahann and Sons has great prices and even more fabulous customer service. The owner is an honest and thoughtful man. We were looking for Persian rugs with specific colors and specific geometric patterns (Kahzak). He combed through many many rugs with us, and ultimately sent to his factory not once but twice to have them send several rugs he thought we might like. The first set wasn’t to our liking so he sent for more. He was very patient with us and gave us a great deal for two rugs. They are beautiful hand, woven wool rugs – top quality.

Leslie M.

Kensington, MD

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