Custom Cutting & Resizing

Remove rug damage, create cutouts, or resize your rug. 

Reducing & Resizing Rugs

We are no strangers to cutting a rug over here. While we never relish in chopping up a handmade masterpiece, we do realize that sometimes our customers have no other choice. Size constraints, floor electrical outlets and areas of damage in need of removal are just some of the reasons customers have utilized our rug cutting services. As always, we will discuss your rug’s value with you prior to making any cuts so that you can determine if this is a course of action you want to take.  

Carpet Cutouts

If you do not wish to cover oddly placed vents or electrical outlets on your floor, we are happy to cut access holes in your Persian rug to preserve your room’s functionality. We have even cut rug corners or portions of borders out of a rug to account for a protruding hearth or radiator. Our process is as follows: 

  • We work with you very closely to determine the exact location and size of the cutout. 
  • The cut is made and the portion of rug is removed. 
  • The rug is bound by hand to prevent unraveling. 
  • Removed rug pieces are provided to you for future use. (If at some point you want to use this rug in a different room, we will be able to sew the rug back together so it is whole again.)

Rug Resizing

It is always best to measure your room before you purchase a rug so the rug you purchase fits the room for which it was intended. That being said, however, we understand that sometimes just as you downsize your life, you must also downsize your rug so it may fit in a new space. Resizing may be as simple as rug cutting and binding or it may be as complicated as removing a central portion of the rug and reattaching the remaining pieces while keeping the borders intact. 

  • The process of resizing an Oriental rug begins with determining what size of rug you need. 
  • Next, we go over the various options that will result in your needed size while preserving as much of your rug as possible. 
  • Next, we cut the rug, doing our best to save any scraps that could be salvaged into smaller scatter rugs or runners for you. 
  • Finally, we secure the rug using either glue, stitching, binding or fringing to ensure that no matter the type of cut, your rug is not susceptible to fraying. We will also do the same for any resulting rug pieces if you so choose. 

Rug resizing jobs are priced by job and may include pricing for binding and/or fringing per linear foot. 

Removing Damage

In rugs with extensive damage that are not cost-effective to repair, we may be able to create one or more usable rugs for you using the non-damaged areas of the rug. The process is very similar to that which we use for rug resizing except we do not begin with an end size in mind. We work with you to figure out how to use the rug puzzle pieces that are left after the damage has been removed. The resulting rug is a win-win, as it keeps a carpet out of the landfill while making you a conversation-starting piece for your home. In some cases, we can even make things other than rugs, and you can find out more about upcycling here

There are so many different ways of how to cut an Oriental rug, and we’ve done them all. We are very creative in the ways we can resize and repurpose your rug, so if even if you’re not quite sure what can be done, send us an email with your pictures, and we’ll give you some ideas.  

More Rug Services

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From Our Customers

I was super impressed with the service and quality of this rug cleaning service. I called them, they came in two days (they offered to come the next day), gave me an accurate estimate and were polite and careful. Then, when the rug was delivered (also promptly), they arrived and laid out the rug to my liking. The rug looked amazing–we had inherited a dull, not very pretty rug. What came back to us was bright and beautiful without one stain on it. In addition, there was no odor from the cleaning. They were so wonderful to deal with every step of the process. I will never use anyone else!!!

Ann P.

Bethesda, MD

They picked it up and delivered it according to my preference and did a wonderful job cleaning it!! It’s a very old rug so it looks so fresh and bright now!  Also, their pricing beats the competition hands down.

Andrea J.

Bethesda, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with Jahann and Sons! I got a same day pick up of my beautiful Afghan rug; the owner himself picked it up for cleaning! In less than a week it was returned to me in amazing shape and a stain that I was concerned about was almost completely removed! I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning services. I’m so happy with my rug; Thank you so much!

Maria K.

Arlington, VA

Jahann and Sons has great prices and even more fabulous customer service. The owner is an honest and thoughtful man. We were looking for Persian rugs with specific colors and specific geometric patterns (Kahzak). He combed through many many rugs with us, and ultimately sent to his factory not once but twice to have them send several rugs he thought we might like. The first set wasn’t to our liking so he sent for more. He was very patient with us and gave us a great deal for two rugs. They are beautiful hand, woven wool rugs – top quality.

Leslie M.

Kensington, MD

Questions? Call us at 301-530-6660 to speak with one of our specialists.