Rug Upcycling Services

Find new life for your favorite rug.

Upcycling Rugs

When you consider that it may have taken several people years to make your Persian carpet, it seems almost sacrilegious to just throw it out when it can no longer function as a rug. Our customers’ rugs are finding second lives on sofas, walls and tables and yours can too!  

Smaller Rugs

When areas of a rug are badly damaged, but there are still large, salvageable portions left, the easiest thing to do is to create smaller, scatter rugs with the undamaged areas. You can read more about cutting and resizing that here.

Wall Hanging

Great textile enthusiasts will tell you that Oriental rugs are not just for your floor! They make excellent wall art as well. Brand new rugs can be fashioned into a wall hanging, as can salvage pieces of a well-loved rug. 

  • For smaller rugs, rings are sewn onto the back which will allow the rug to be hung on a wall. 
  • For larger rugs, a sleeve or rod pocket will be sewn onto the top back of the rug, and then the rug can be hung using standard drapery hardware. 
  • In an older rug where only a fragment will hang, we will first determine which portion of the rug you wish to convert to a wall hanging. Then, we will cut and secure it before sewing on a ring or sleeve. 


One of the most popular ways to repurpose an Oriental rug is to make pillows. Large rug fragments can be made into floor pillows good for use in a hookah lounge or for use as a dog bed. Small rug fragments can be made into throw or lumbar pillows. Whatever type of pillow is made, we know you’ll love it, as it will be made with love out of something you already love. 

Table Runners

Worn rugs with a thinner pile are quite pliable and work similar to heavy wool fabric in their application. They can be cut and bound into almost any shape including but not limited to table runners, placemats and even coasters. Decorative tassels or fabric backing can be added to any item to give them additional polish. 

Our customers always have the greatest ideas, and we welcome you and your old rugs to our shop, so we can help you reimagine your rug into something that sparks joy while preserving sentimental value.

More Rug Services

Jahann and Sons provides a wide variety of rug services including professional cleaning, repairing, appraising and designing.


Revive the beauty of your oriental rug.


Prolong the life of your rugs.


Looking to sell? Find out how the value.


Create a one-of-a-kind rug to make a statement.

From Our Customers

I was super impressed with the service and quality of this rug cleaning service. I called them, they came in two days (they offered to come the next day), gave me an accurate estimate and were polite and careful. Then, when the rug was delivered (also promptly), they arrived and laid out the rug to my liking. The rug looked amazing–we had inherited a dull, not very pretty rug. What came back to us was bright and beautiful without one stain on it. In addition, there was no odor from the cleaning. They were so wonderful to deal with every step of the process. I will never use anyone else!!!

Ann P.

Bethesda, MD

They picked it up and delivered it according to my preference and did a wonderful job cleaning it!! It’s a very old rug so it looks so fresh and bright now!  Also, their pricing beats the competition hands down.

Andrea J.

Bethesda, MD

I am so pleased with my experience with Jahann and Sons! I got a same day pick up of my beautiful Afghan rug; the owner himself picked it up for cleaning! In less than a week it was returned to me in amazing shape and a stain that I was concerned about was almost completely removed! I would highly recommend them for rug cleaning services. I’m so happy with my rug; Thank you so much!

Maria K.

Arlington, VA

Jahann and Sons has great prices and even more fabulous customer service. The owner is an honest and thoughtful man. We were looking for Persian rugs with specific colors and specific geometric patterns (Kahzak). He combed through many many rugs with us, and ultimately sent to his factory not once but twice to have them send several rugs he thought we might like. The first set wasn’t to our liking so he sent for more. He was very patient with us and gave us a great deal for two rugs. They are beautiful hand, woven wool rugs – top quality.

Leslie M.

Kensington, MD

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