1950s Semi-Antique Flatweave Shiraz Kelim Runner


Long Story Short:
Style: Flatweave/Kelim
Country of Origin: Shiraz
Condition: Very Good (Excellent for its age)
Size: 4’9″ x 13’4″
Content: 100% Wool on a cotton base
Age: circa 1950s

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Kelims (which translated from Farsi means “flatweave”) are very versatile. They are a thick and sturdy textile, but they aren’t as stiff as pile rugs, so you can do a whole lot more than just walk on them. You can drape them over a footstool or at the end of bed, or you can cut them up and make them into pillows or upholstered pieces.
This particular Kelim is exquisite, with vibrant jewel tones and faded blacks that make it both sassy and sophisticated. It should be, being from Shiraz, the land of poets and lovers! The condition of the kelim is wonderful, and would be great for everyday use. Put this in a wide hallway or layer it over seagrass rugs (behind a sofa, perhaps) for a smashing look. This rug is 60ish years of age, so it is just 15-20 years away from being antique. Pick it up now before it becomes too expensive!

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