1940s Sarouk (2712)


Country of Origin: Iran
Condition: Very Good
Size: 12′ x 20′
Content: 100% Wool Pile
Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Ivory, Light Blue, Tan, Green

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Sarouk Persian rugs are famous the world over for their beautiful floral designs and their toughness which enables them to age gracefully. The 1920s-1940s was the heyday for the American Sarouk which is the type that you see here. These rugs were made in Iran, but for the American market. They came in a variety of sizes, 3×5, 5×7, 9×12, etc., and the idea was to sell them like hotcakes once they arrived in the US of A. Trouble is, Sarouk made these beautiful pieces in warm, tomato-red and salmon-rose type colors, and by the time they arrived in the states in the 1920s, it was too late to tell the Iranian weavers that cooler red colors such as raspberry and wine were all the rage. But fear not, these rugs still made it into American homes. They just got a dye-job beforehand. These tomato-y rugs were carefully painted with raspberry-ish dyes and the rest is history. Today, collectors covet these Sarouk Persian rugs which are called American or American Painted Sarouks.

This particular American Painted Sarouk Persian rug is a lovely piece looking for a new, large home. It is in wonderful shape for its age, and the edges and ends are secured. The rug has had the fringe replaced with machine-made fringe (which can easily be redone if you wanted), but this repair has really preserved the ends of this rug and prevented unraveling. Photos cannot do this rug justice (partially because it is too big to photograph and also because it is just so pretty), so you are encouraged to come visit us and take a look if this piece if you’re in the market for a large antique.

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