Ardebil Persian Runner


Style: Ardebil Persian Rug Runner
Country of Origin: Iran
Condition: Very Good
Size: 3’4″ x 9’10”
Content: 100% Wool Pile hand-knotted on a foundation of cotton
Age: circa 1970s
Suggested Retail Price: $1195

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This Ardebil Persian rug runner is an awesome find for a main front hallway. It is wider than your standard runner, so it will make for a grander first impression. You can see Persian rugs in foyers and hallways here.

You can tell from the color scheme of this rug that it was made in the 1970s, but structurally, it is like new. The pile is in excellent shape, and the fringed and bound edges are all original. The rug has some color inconsistencies where the weavers may have run out of their original wool. It’s just a tiny cosmetic imperfection that is worth noting in case it is of concern to you, but it does not affect the rug. The pictures of the rug corners best exhibit this.

Ardebil is a famous city in Northwest Iran known for its beauty, historical landmarks and rug making. The rugs of Ardebil very often have geometric and Kazak designs similar to those of neighboring Azerbaijan and the Caucasus.

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