Bakhtiari Four Seasons (2713)


Country of Origin: Iran
Condition: Very Good
Size: 12′4″ x 13’7″
Content: 100% Wool Pile
Colors: Red, Dark Blue, Ivory, Yellow, Brown

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Bakhtiari Persian rugs are from the Bakhtiari village in the south of Iran, and they are both bold and beautiful. The rugs usually have somewhat of a floral motif, but done in a more tribal or coarser weave giving them an elegant, yet casual look.

This particular Bakhtiari Persian rug is in the famous “four seasons” or “garden panel” design. It is quite large, and at almost 12.5′ x 13.5′, it is almost square, making it a perfect find for a great room. The paneled design of this lovely Persian rug gives the piece lots of bold colors without any particular focal point, so it is perfect for rooms with off-center fireplaces or non-symmetrical furniture placement. The rug is semi-antique, having been made in the 1960s, but is in wonderful shape for its age, and the edges and ends are secured. Photos cannot do this rug justice (partially because it is too big to photograph and also because it is just so pretty), so you are encouraged to come visit us and take a look if this piece if you’re in the market for a large antique.

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