Hamadan Persian Rug


Style: Hamadan Persian Rug
Country of Origin: Iran
Condition: Fair-Good
Size: 2’10” x 4’4″
Content: 100% Wool Pile hand-knotted on a foundation of cotton
Age: circa 1970s
Suggested Retail Price: $395

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This Hamadan Persian rug is a prime example of why Hamadans are an excellent choice for high traffic areas. This piece was at the door of a retail rug establishment…not mentioning any names. It got walked on everyday and had slush, snow, salt and a host of other elements ground into it regularly. After a professional cleaning, though, this almost 50 year old rug is ready to go.
This rug has a small amount of cosmetic issues which are worth pointing out. If you’re looking at the main pic #1 of this piece, you’ll notice that the bottom third of the rug has an almost muddy and less-clear look than the rest of the rug. This is because the rug was matted down just a tad here from intense use. The red coloring also blurred just a tad due to rain and snow exposure. The price of this rug has been adjusted to account for these imperfections, but know that structurally, this rug is sound.
Because this rug has had the price reduced, and has a proven track record of being able to be a doormat, I’d pick this piece for a mudroom or even garage door entrance if you want to make that space special, but need extreme durability. In this cute article, a blogger picked a Hamadan for her mudroom too. You can be practical and on-trend with this piece. Enjoy!

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