Bijar (2722)

$7,900.00 $5,900.00

Country of Origin: Iran
Condition: Excellent
Size: 4’5″ x 5’7″
Content: 100% Wool Pile
Colors: Blue, Red, Rose, Green, Burgundy, Ivory

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The Bijar is called the “Iron Rug of Iran” because it is a sturdy rug with a hefty weave. You don’t have to take my word from it, just try and lift a bijar rug and then lift any other type of rug of the same size. You’ll be able to feel just how hefty and sturdy these rugs are because they weigh a TON. We tell our customers that if they wear out their Bijar rugs, they can bring back the worn one for two new ones, and not one person has been able to take us up on that offer in all the years we’ve been selling these rugs.

This particular piece is a gorgeous, floral Bijar, which in rug terms is sometimes referred to as a Halvai Bijar. The flowers of this type of rug are so very recognizable, that even if you’re a rug novice, you can identify a Halvai Bijar. This particular rug is good for heavy traffic, and will be able to withstand lots of abuse. The intricate pattern and dark blue field also makes it conducive to hiding stains and spills My favorite place to put Bijars is in foyers or wherever you walk constantly. A hundred years of wear on this baby will make it a very valuable antique your grand-kids will cherish!

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